Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cool train ride

We took a cool "non-rail train" and sat in front of the train. So kids got to see great view of Tokyo bay and high sky scrapers. It amazed me how fast the city is growing. Even I go back to Japan once every year, there are something new.



One of the high light of the trip was, the Fireworks event in my hometown. I grew up watching this event every summer and I wanted to show it to Yuta and Yoji. Luckily my sister lives in an apartment very close to the fireworks. So she reserved the seats on the rooftop for us. We enjoyed watching 1 hour and half long fireworks. We want to show it to Michael next year.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Playing at park

Yuta is very fortunate to have good friends in Tokyo too. His friends from kindergarten last year, got together for us. It was very nice seeing them all and Yuta had so much fun, even though it was a super hot day!


We went to my friend's house for one night and had a sleepover. Kids had so much fun toghether. Thanks to Chi-chan & Mit-chan.

Icy cold but FUN!

While we were in Nikko, Yuta and Yoji played in a creek. This is one of the places my parents took me when I was a kid. It's very nice to share the same memories with my boys.

Lift with Oji-chan

We went to Nikko, which is about 3 hours north of Tokyo, for a long weekend. We took a chairlift to the top of the mountain. It was very misty and cool. It was awesome because Tokyo was very hot.

1st grade

Japanese school ends the semester in mid-July for summer vacation. Yuta went to a local school for 8 days. He is carrying "Ran-d-se-ru" which is the traditional elementary school backpack. All elementary kids use this. Boys choose usually black and girls choose pink or red. Guess who's it is? It used to be Kenichi's (my younger brother). Thank you for keeping it!

Go Yomiuri Giants!

Oji-chan (Grandpa) took us to the Yomiuri Giants game at Tokyo Dome. It was an exciting game to watch. Thank you, Oji-chan.