Monday, July 18, 2005

Yuta played with his friends, Chiasa and Reina, at their community pool.

We visited our friend's house to meet her new baby girl. 8 kids plus a newborn baby from 4 mothers. More kids and more fun!

Look at this! These people are serious.

What a fun time!

We went to Goat Hill Junction in Costa Mesa where you can ride these scale-model trains. We rode a diesel engine, a steam engine and the circus train. Yuta loved it so much and he was really happy that Kayla and Jack could join us.
我が家から車で20分くらいの隣町に、「電車マニア」が運営するミニチュア電車コースがあります。ミニチュアといっても、本格的で1回が5分以上の長い コースで、隣のゴルフ場が見えたりなかなか。毎月第三週末は無料で乗れるので、小さな子供達で賑わっています。今日は、従姉妹のケーラとジャックも一緒に 行ったので、祐太は大喜び。3種類の電車に乗りました。