Wednesday, October 10, 2007

so cute

Pumpkin Patch

While Yuta was in his Japanese class, I took Yoji to pumpkin patch with his friend. He is getting pretty tall.


So much fun! So dusty!

O’Neil park

We went to O'Neil park to enjoy the beautiful fall. Actually, it was too hot!


Michael with Peg

Michael had a business trip to Connecticut. He visited Peg and had a great time.


Yoji and his best friend, Taku-chan.


At Angeles game

We went to watch Angeles game. It was against Seattle Mariners and my dad got to watch Ichiro playing.


At Yuta's baseball game

My dad enjoyed watching Yuta's baseball game. Since this is Yuta's second time of Dogers, Yoji is wearing Yuta's old uniform and creates too. How cute!


Oji chan's visit

My dad visited us for 3 nights. He is so amazing that he doesn't mind to travel 10 hours from tokyo for only 3 nights.