Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Yuta's All-Star team is over now. The team still has one more big tournament but since we are going to Japan soon, this was his last. Good job, Yuta.

U.S. Open

My dad was visiting us during the U.S. Open week. I gave my dad and Michael the tickets as Father's Day gift. They enjoyed so much.
父の日のプレゼントとして、US Openの観戦券をマイクとお父さんにプレゼントしました。私と子供達も1日だけ練習日を見に行きました。コースの美しさとプロゴルファーの「ファンに支えられている」という姿勢に感激しました。

Yuta's class

Yuta graduated his kindergarten. It was so much fun! Thanks to great friends and teacher.


Yuta got 1st place and 4th place in Dolphin Games at his school. There are about 120 kids in his kindergarten and 1st and 4th are pretty good, isn't it?



We went to watch REAL Sumo tournament in LA. Kids loved it!