Saturday, October 29, 2005

His favorite

Yuta love to play the board game. I think he simply love to WIN a game. He loves to use dice and count the numbers. We are wishing Yuta will get new board game for Christmas. Posted by Picasa

My boys

It was beautiful day today here in southern CA. We went to Peet's Coffee and they were serving free coffee and tea for their anniversary event.
ここ数日はやっと、秋晴れになって、一気にハロウイン気分も盛り上がっています。今日はマイクと私のお気に入りのニューポートビーチのピーツコーヒーへ行ってきました。祐太と羊司のお揃いのジャンパーは園江ちゃんからのプレゼントです。可愛いでしょ~ Posted by Picasa


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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

They picked carrots, radish, scallion and green beans too.

Yuta had his first field trip to Tanaka Farm. This is his teacher, Ms. Minako.